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6th Mar 2013

We are Catilina WIneMXR!! We are an Xboxlive clan. Honesty, some of the really good names were taken. After pondering on what names were left we all thought of things that we have in common. We have a sense of humor, and the creators just happen to love the movie "Stepbrothers." Thus, Catilina WineMXR was born! We are a clan originating from the Call of Duty Franchise. We love FPS's! However, recently we have outsourced to other games such as Battlefield 3 and Halo. We are currently expanding our clan as new games and interest come about. We are based in Northern Illinois and are asking for our players to come from there. However, we will make exceptions as we get to know you. This will not be a clan that accepts just anyone who asks. It will take tremendous consideration by us and tremendous dedication by you. If you are interested in FCWM, please send a message to Siepka 59 or Alf030 on xboxlive. Please also provide, an indication as to who you are (first name, age, location/area, and interest).

-- Siepka 59
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Forum » Everything » We Are FCWM
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